Suzannah Jackson, Cairns

I would unreservedly recommend this course to any practitioner working with clients in a healthcare or mental health setting who would like to improve their skills in gentle motivational interviewing. From the moment I commenced the course I started using the material with clients and noticed great outcomes even in the short space of time that I have been practicing

Emma Handley, Melbourne

I cannot recommend this course more to other colleagues. As a health professional who has previously worked in the acute field and recently moved into the community setting, this course has equipped me with the skills to assist in health promotion and optimising individual health knowledge and management for our community clients. This was an extremely useful course with prompt responses to the assignments and feedback to allow me to consolidate my learning

Amanda Nichols, Melbourne

I had a very basic understanding through some professional development at work, but it was great to explore the concepts in more detail and to practice the skills. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the materials of this course and was incredibly impressed by the speed with which feedback was provided. I would recommend this to any colleagues working in chronic disease management

Cinthia Englisch, New Zealand

The videos were my favourite learning tool as online trainings can sometimes lack that practical component on how to apply the newly acquired knowledge