The Pacific Centre for Motivation and Change-Australia


The Pacific Centre for Motivation and Change-Australia, is an organisation committed to providing quality online training in Motivational Interviewing.

PCMC-Australia has developed a range of stimulating and intensive online training courses that are suitable for any practitioner working with clients who struggle with changing behaviours, including exercise, diet, smoking, use of alcohol and other drugs, adherence to medication recommendations, and engagement and retention in groups and programs.

Our online courses provide you with information, resources, video demonstrations and self-scoring quizzes.

You will ALSO receive individualised coaching and feedback on learning tasks by Dr Suzanne Habib, a highly experienced endorsed health psychologist and trainer in Motivational Interviewing.

Suzanne Habib, PhD

Online Courses

PCMC-Australia now offers three training courses in Motivational Interviewing that are conducted entirely online.




MI in Healthcare Online


Advanced MiOnline