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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Advanced Motivational Interviewing
Relapse prevention: Maintaining the change
Health Behaviour Change: Enhancing engagement and adherence

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

This comprehensive introductory workshop includes a combination of didactic, demonstration and experiential learning.

Specific learning objectives include:
Understanding the fundamental philosophy and principles of Motivational Interviewing
Increasing awareness of and attunement to client’s motivational signs
Gaining experience and confidence, through demonstration and practice in the core clinical skills of this approach

Topics covered include:
The latest research and evidence for MI
The philosophy and principles of MI
Building motivation for change- the role of change talk and opening strategies in MI
Working with resistance and ambivalence
Strengthening commitment to change
Ethical considerations for the practice of MI

Advanced Motivational Interviewing

This intensive 2-day training is designed to deepen health professionals' clinical skills in MI. Proficiency and experience with MI is assumed as a starting point and the workshop will focus on advanced practitioner skills and exercises that maximise the use of MI and it's adaptations. This workshop has an in-depth focus on the importance of understanding the stages of learning MI, eliciting change talk and responding to resistance.

Specific learning objectives include:
Review the conceptual rationale and background research for this approach
Learn advanced clinical skills of MI
Strengthen reflective listening skills
Learn brief negotiation strategies for use in health care settings

Relapse Prevention: Maintaining the change

Recovery from addictions is an ongoing process of change that does not occur overnight for most people. Clinical experience and research findings support the theory that recovery is a long-term process. For many people relapse appears to be the rule and not the exception when it comes to making enduring change in longstanding addictive behaviours.

As people move through their journey of healing from addictions, they often experience ambivalence about moving forward in their recovery. Ambivalence can prevent people from making and sustaining the important changes needed to keep them on the path of recovery.

The goal of this workshop is to help clinicians work with clients in a way that is congruent with the spirit of Motivational Interviewing and the principles of Relapse Prevention. This workshop is for counsellors, psychologists, social workers and others who work with people overcoming addictive behaviours. The workshop is didactic and experiential and is oriented for people who work from a wide range of change paradigms from harm reduction to 12-Step facilitated.

Health Behaviour Change: Enhancing engagement and adherence

Medical and allied health practitioners are often frustrated by low rates of engagement in treatment, non-adherence to treatment recommendations and attrition from treatment. In an attempt to address these problems, brief interventions based on the philosophy and principles of Motivational Interviewing are currently being successfully utilised in a number of healthcare settings including diabetes management, exercise adherence, pain management, cardiac rehabilitation and weight loss. Participants will become familiar with the principles and components of brief intervention in health care settings and learn how to maximise the therapeutic opportunity available in their interactions with patients. This workshop includes a combination of didactic, demonstration and experiential learning and is suitable for medical and allied health practitioners.
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